Welcome to IPPIA

Institute  for Public Policy and International Affairs (IPPIA) hosted at USIU provides technical assistance and capacity building support for regional, national, and local governments.

Capacity building

We develop and strengthen skills, instincts, abilities, processes and resources that public institutions and communities need to survive, adapt and thrive in fast-changing world.

Research & consultancy

We develop, commission, conduct specialised and targeted research to produce final analysis of key findings. This includes those that are geared to risk assessment, consensus building or arbitration.


We collect and distribute valuable information that goes beyond mere usefulness. We strive to keep institutions well-informed about ongoing events by providing regular updates on current affairs, including pertinent public policy changes.

Our services

Our other programs

Field research trips

We arrange research excursions that involve employing qualitative methodologies to gather data. The purpose is to observe and interpret the subject of investigation within its authentic setting.


We offer a comprehensive repository of information that institutions and individuals can access to enhance their skills and acquire valuable insights to assist them in their professional endeavors.


Our partnership program engages diverse stakeholders, leveraging their expertise and perspectives to address public policy issues and create informed and comprehensive solutions.